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One Hand Applause

Can one hand applaud? No, both hands must join together to clap. But will a hand applaud without the pleasure of the mind? Can an empty head understand, enjoy, then clap with pleasure? And certainly the heart must join in … Continue reading

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Give the water of the Divine only to those who thirst. He who has yet to feel thirsty does not want to drink.

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Certainty of the Divine

How often do I feel uncertain, torn this way and that. Yet, when I allow myself to focus on the certainty of the Divine, all hesitation fades away. This it the gift of our Creator. Related articles One Thing That … Continue reading

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Fleeting Now

Dream not of the past, nor long for the future. Only the present matters. Everything else is a game we play to avoid the now of our existence. Foolish is the one who wastes even a moment of this fleeting … Continue reading

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The Purifier

When you are hard inside, bless a glass of pure water. Drink this water allowing it to dissolve this hardness. Feel it pour out of you, washing you clean and replacing the hardness with compassion, for it is through compassion … Continue reading

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Vending Machine Life

He lives a vending machine life… like coffee bitter in a paper cup. A grizzled two-day beard, blood- shot eyes, and an attitude of indifference. Today is the same as yesterday, no hope that tomorrow will fare better. He would … Continue reading

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Snippets from Source #142

You are of the new-born, the babe of transformation, here to lead others to the truth. You have a formidable task before you unless you remember that you are a point of light among a mighty web flung across universes … Continue reading

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