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Spring or Fall?

Spring here, fall there Daffodils, leaves of splendor Spiral world of love

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What is Beauty?

B egins within E volves as we gain more Light A nyone can be beautiful who knows how to love U gly is only in the eyes of the beholder T hankfulness enhances beauty Y ou are as beautiful as … Continue reading

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Information or Wisdom?

  Did you know that you can buff your shoes with the inside of a banana peel? I wonder how many other bits of information I have stuffed in my brain.   How is it that we can know so … Continue reading

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Show Me

Oh, my Creator, help me to see You in all I encounter, from the rising sun, to mountain tops, in the rays of sun filtering through the canopy of the floresta. Show me how you exist in the middle of … Continue reading

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The Hurrier I Go

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” Saunter, mosey, amble through life as if nothing you can do is as important as what you are doing right now. Good advice for us all! Happy is better, for sure. Related … Continue reading

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Try and Fail

Try and fail Try again Failure repeats Alone we are Doomed to this Endless cycle We reach for the hand of another, then another until we connect with all. Our voices call on our Creator to show us the way. … Continue reading

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Unquenchable Desire

There is a banquet spread before me, and all the time in the world. Where do I begin? Should I jump in and gobble all or savor a tiny canape? I am so hungry; yes, I want it all. I … Continue reading

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