No Proof

There is no proof of anything,
only layers upon layers. How
does one explore that which
remains hidden beneath a strata
of time and complexity?

Perhaps I will believe nothing,
or everything.
Maybe mystery is all there is,
but I think not, though this
may be based on hope and longing.

Do not burden me with one more
theory, speak only of that which
can be certified as unchangeable
truth, is such a thing even exists.

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4 Responses to No Proof

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  2. I can’t say enough of the beauty and wonderful feelings your writing has broght to me! Thank you sincerely ~ Blessings ~Deborah


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Deborah, these poems are from Source. They touch you so because you are ready for them. When our soul is hungry, all the fruit tastes good. Thank you for being here so faithfully and for your lovely comments. May your life be filled with love and light. hugs, pat


  3. I love this! The only proof we can truly measure is the effect of our perception.


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