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Stepping Back

When stepping back to allow someone to experience a lesson, one is, at the same time, bestowing love. There is always the question of when to help and when giving is for the giver.

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Self Sacrifice

There must be a fine balance between self-sacrifice and self-care. Shirts of hair do not belong in heaven, unconditional love must include ourselves. Self- indulgence has its limits when balanced with our desire to express the love which comes from … Continue reading

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Pat’s Ponderings– What Is Evil?

Are we evil? Did our Creator make some flaw within us? Indeed, what is evil and why does it exist? In the spiritually under-developed, self-gain is paramount. They take what they want with totally disregard for the well being other … Continue reading

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Happy Smiles

Happy smiles masking secret sorrows. Envy not others for you know little of their inner tribulations. Seek only your own contentment gained through surrender and gratitude.

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A Punishing God?

God does not cause sorrow, illness, or punishment. God, manifesting pure love energy, wants only to bestow to all He has created. It is our selfish desire to want to receive more and more that results in the evils of … Continue reading

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Snippets from Source #128

Le me be your little red wagon. Put what you can not carry in this wagon and I will carry it for you. Four wheels and a handle make it easy for me to go with you. What a team … Continue reading

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A Single Word

A single word can have multiple meanings, or its meaning may be hidden. When it is joined with other words, it becomes part of a symbol, truth, meaning, thus reaches one of its potentials. Because it has multiple meanings, each … Continue reading

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