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I’m starting a journey. I can’t wait to get there. Hurry, hurry, I’m almost there. I see it, and run even faster. Panting, I arrive. I made it! I exclaim. Now the question remains, “Why am I here?”

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Changing My Viewpoint

I do not understand your ways, your actions seem so strange to me. Your silence, your anger, mixed with much that I admire and love about you. Why do I try to change you instead of understanding you? It is … Continue reading

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Snippets from Source #119

You are ring master, all three rings are full, acrobats tumbling, lions roaring, obeying their commands, clowns delight, tightrope walkers thrill, and you are chosen to coordinate all. Hard job to keep everyone applauding, laughing, filled with joy. You are … Continue reading

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Ancient Wisdom

Why do we think of groups with technology as “civilized” and disdain those who live close to nature, having no electricity, nor the desire for a TV? We can learn much from ancient wisdom that needs not new batteries or … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Fine

I’m sitting here feelin’ just fine, sun is rising, sleepy twitters are beginning. My day starts with a poem and a grateful heart, unfolding moment by moment until at night I go to bed having lived a day made perfect … Continue reading

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This Lesson…Again?

I wonder how far I can throw my computer, monster of knowledge teaches me patience I wish I already had so I stop getting this lesson. I prayed for patience, God gave me a computer virus.

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Looking at Anger

You give me not what I want. My anger is unjust for how can you give me what you do not have? I must not let your aged body blind me to your young soul. Fruit ripens slowly on the … Continue reading

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