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Borrowed Poem #7 What’s It All About?

What’s it all about? the question often asked. We live, play, work, eat, and sleep again and again. Then the cycle ends…for all, nothing escapes this wheel of life. So, what is it all about–just doing what everyone else is … Continue reading

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Snippets from Source #105

I like when you let go of worry and finally relax in your hammock, leaving me to take care of what you can not do. Even superheroes like you need some down time. Doing My Part Source

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The wings of birds are perfectily balanced, allowing the bird to soar. Such is the duality of life, a delicate balance required for us to be in perfect harmony. Let your tears be equal to your laughter, both are needed. … Continue reading

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Word Play #12 — Doing

Doing is morphing into Being. D rop the “D” and just add”B” O pen your heart to “E” verything I n doing so, a stillness prevails N eeds fall away when we let go of doing G ratitude is the … Continue reading

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A Teaspoon of Salt

May I be so disolved into the love of my Creator that this passion is like a spoonful of salt mixed into the ocean. I am part of the ocean, salty tears and all. Is that tear drop me, or … Continue reading

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Mixing Light

There is no devil, or if there is, that devil is not there. If this world is all illusion, then evil is but a vapor of an idea that disperses with the morning sun. If the devil is but fire … Continue reading

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Taking Action

In order for a feeling of fullness to come, we must first eat the fruit which hangs so abundantly. It is not enough to stand and admire its lushness, its rich color, its tantalizing aroma. We will not experience its … Continue reading

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