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I Can Cry

Today I cry; thank-you for my sadness, for the ability to feel deeply, for allowing these tears to spill in rivers of sorrow and regret, for my careless words, my indifference, my selfish intent. Let me fill the ocean with … Continue reading

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Free to Love

How might we act in love if we were forever free of fear? What form does love take in a world where shame, guilt, greed, and the endless seeking of power does not exist? We fear for our survival; we … Continue reading

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Humble Beginnings

Let’s begin again. starting over with humility. Put aside pride, arrogance, and greed. Be clear about what humility truly is. It is not feeling you are not good enough, not worthy enough. So then, what is humility? One who is … Continue reading

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No Bargin

You can not bargain with life, nor can you deceive or manipulate, bully or ignore. There comes a final accounting, the dues must be paid. The day of judgement is not given by a wrathful God but rather it is … Continue reading

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Tiptoe into Silence

Tiptoe into the silence where not even a whisper is found. Nestle into the sublime love of our Creator who waits for us to enter the temple of silence where that which is sacred dwells for all time.

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God works through surprises, catching us in an amazing interruption of the mundane, exploding into the miraculous, creating newness that fills our souls with the glory of the Divine.

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Deep Prayer

There is a prayer that is so profound that words, supplications are not needed. Deep prayer is a firm connection that takes us directly to the heart of Source. As we become immersed in the pure love energy, our “I” … Continue reading

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