I live in a messy world,
full of tangles and what ifs.
We march for freedom without
defining what freedom is. Is
freedom being able to do what
I want when I want? What if
my “freedom” infringes on
someone else? Should not
our freedom consider the
needs and values of of
others as well?

I want to be free and
because I want this for
others as well, I am
committed to the golden
rule of “loving my neighbors
as myself.” Are you?

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3 Responses to Freedom?

  1. Nina says:

    Reblogged this on Living Well.


  2. becca givens says:

    Very nice reminder!! Thank you for pointing a light in the right direction for all to see the path of coexistence! xoxo bb 😀


  3. I sure try to. It’s the loving “self” part that sometimes gets in the way. 🙂


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