Question Everything

Why do we still continue to believe the lies that proliferate in all aspect of our lives?

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11 Responses to Question Everything

  1. Those who refuse knowledge when it is placed at their feet will soon wish they had put away their TVs, football, beer, and potato chips, and had payed more attention.


  2. Hi Pat,
    I reblogged this very important message and facebooked and twittered it!


  3. Nina says:

    Well, it’s not really surprising. History and being doomed to repeat it.

    In the Canada attacked the President’s house in 1812 and we set it on fire. Not very successfully, mind you.

    But, literal white wash was applied over the smoke damage and the name




    • Nina says:

      Personally, what I am more curious about is when the WWII archive was due to be released, the American Government changed the information management procedures or policy or legislation and extended the classification for another 50 years.

      Because those hijackers were to blame for what happened. They made a choice based on their religion and personal beliefs, given their cherry picking of their religion.

      Now, responsibility. That is a whole other discussion.

      For Sure


  4. Anna says:

    Reblogged this on Annakeiller's Blog and commented:
    scary stuff but worth thinking about..


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Thank you, Anna, for the reblog. There is a lot of scary stuff coming to light these days. But if we want to stop this insanity that is destroying mankind and our Earth, we must become informed and willing to take action. Hugs, pat


  5. dandylion28 says:

    Always been a bit…no scratch that, highly skeptical of the events surrounding 9/11


  6. Pat Cegan says:

    Amen to that! hugs, pat


  7. amras888 says:

    Some of us didn’t believe the lies in 2001, and still wait for justice. May it come quickly now.


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