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Right Now!

Just start Do not wait for the “right time” Right now is right Buckle up you courage Polish your faith And just do it!

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Not Your Fears

You are not your fears; you are your dreams, your hopes, your wishes. The first step is to see so clearly what you want that even the tiniest detail is revealed. Do not be concerned with how you will achieve … Continue reading

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Step Forward

You could have been a mighty horse, a tiny bird, or some where in between. But I made you of flesh of man with heart and mind, with the ability to create, to think, to manifest with Me. I gave … Continue reading

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When I was young, we tied little bells on our shoestrings to tinkle as we walked. There is a charm to childhood that returns in old age if one allows it. The idle hours give me time to slip among … Continue reading

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Snippets from Source #49

Blow your biggest fear up, up, up until it bursts like a over-filled balloon, releasing the hot air of “What ifs.” Use fear as a well for the energy of action, then transform it into belief that you can succeed. … Continue reading

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How much is enough? Shopping malls are filled with stuff we are told we can not live without. Every time we buy something we don’t really need, we trade the long hours we worked for that object which gives us … Continue reading

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Crickets make their sound by rubbing their back legs together. This tidbit has fascinated me since I was a child. Why, when most creatures make noise with their mouths and throats, do crickets use their legs? Maybe the question should … Continue reading

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