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The Art of Living

I am making an art of watching the grass grow, of noticing birds building a tiny nest in the corner of my roof, of ants marching single file. I now pay attention to crickets chirping, bees buzzing, the rooster’s lusty … Continue reading

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Working in Mazes

Working in windowless rat’s mazes, hangman’s knot at my throat, florescent sunshine, boxed air, constant bombardment of electrical devices, rush, rush, hurry, worry. This is life?

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My Job

My job is not my purpose in life, even if I enjoy it. I will not write on my tombstone, Gee, I wish I had worked more! Refuse to work so many hours that you do not have time for … Continue reading

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House of Mirrors

We are living in a house of mirrors, nothing is as it seems. When we question the illusion, we are told that we are insane, we have a bad attitude, are unpatriotic, a sinner. I am here to tell you … Continue reading

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Fly Arrow Fly!

Arrow fly swiftly into the bull’s eye of life. Stay on target, aim true, let nothing impede your flow. When we focus on that which is for our highest good, our soul finds its mark every time.

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My Haven

In my space of love, created with loving care, there is only the Light of the Creator’s Love, no darkness can enter here. We need a haven, a safe-house where we can rest and renew our souls. Create a space … Continue reading

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Spiral Lesson–Judgement

Spiral lesson of judgement returns again and again. How I long to cleanse myself from its taint, yet find myself needing this lesson again and again. Intellectually, I know I must be compassionate, to accept people for where they are. … Continue reading

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