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Web of Light

Web of light continues to spread across the globe. Each of us a point of Source illuminating the path for our brothers and sisters.

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Neon Footprints

God places neon footprints to help us find our way. Step carefully into the Light and all you seek, you will find. Amen!

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Snippets from Source #1

You do not have to set goals or strive. You need only be that which you already are. Or be a butterfly, free, sipping nectar from flower to flower, bringing delight to all.

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Untrustworthy Mirror

Stop trying to figure things out; science is an untrustworthy mirror. We see in the microscope what we anticipate and even that is not “real.” People of old know the value of mystery, while we try to debunk it. Oh, … Continue reading

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Silver and Gold

Silver pot, bar of gold buy my ticket to worlds untold. Click my heels, make a wish, travel far with only this. When I walk the path of soul, in my heart a secret goal, to finally find the Source … Continue reading

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So Tiny

Standing on a mountain top looking as far as I can see, hills, mountains, rivers, clouds and then, there is me. How tiny am I measured against Earth and sky, but when I remember God’s love for me, there’s nothing … Continue reading

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Filling the Universe

I am a tiny speck that expands to fill universes when I open to love. So do you!

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