A donkey does not think
his bray is absurd, or a giraffe
weep because his neck is too
long. Why have I spent a
lifetime wishing for a flat
belly and firm thighs,
not understanding that my
softness is a gift. Come,
hug me and let me soothe
you with the sweet softness
of my body made to give
comfort to those who need
a mother’s caress.

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5 Responses to Acceptance

  1. veehcirra says:

    This is the most comforting poem I have read today. Thank you Pat.


  2. The photo is beautiful. Made me swooon


  3. willofheart says:

    oh the photo is so sweet, it reminds me the touch of my mother, the poem is so sweet and beautiful…


  4. isha says:

    aww!! this is one is just too sweet… which truly depicts that its not the outer appearance that matters. What is more imp is to feel the love, the care and inner soul. Lovely dear 🙂


  5. ihvnid says:

    Love those beautiful giraffes


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