Stewards of the Land

We “buy” land,
build fences,
file papers,
and put up a sign
that says, “mine,”
as if we could
enslave Mother Earth.

I remember when the
Earth had no fences,
no walls, no borders
to patrol. When buffaloes
and antelope roamed
freely; when you could
visit a neighbor
and never have to open
a gate. When men of the
land took only small
amounts of that which
can renew, never touching
Earth’s treasures within;
plunder was not a word they knew.

Now we pay the price of
our consuming greed, which has
left a wasteland and putrid
waters. Disease and death is
what we harvest when all else
is gone. Yea, we will be as
extinct as the dinosaur.

It need not be this way,
my brothers and sisters,
for as more and more are
awakened, the Force of
life guides us in restoring
the Earth and creating a world
of love and peace. Each of us
must choose and then live a life
where all is sacred, for surely,
All is One.

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6 Responses to Stewards of the Land

  1. becca givens says:

    Important and timely message! xoxo bb


  2. msloftis says:

    Lovely poem…mother earth has been abused. Hopefully, she will have the strength to renew what we have broken.


  3. Thankfully Earth is ascending in energy. Of course, having more awakened souls would not hurt. 🙂


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