One with Nature

Oh, how smart we have become.
We add letters at the end of our
name, pay vast amounts of money
to name-brand universities, but
can not tell in what phase is the
moon on any given night.

We can name each part of a flower,
but do not remember how to ask a plant
its healing gifts. We shear the wool of
a sheep, but feel not its sorrow
when we eat its little lamb.

Plants, animals, slaves of Africa have
no feelings man has said. Mother Earth
is a pile of rocks, not a living Being–
that is child’s fancy.

Everything–may I repeat–everything
was made by, and is the Creator using
Sacred Geometry with astounding detail.
The Creator forms all, even that so tiny
we can not see, with energy, the Force
connects us all.

Do not wave your diplomas and chant
the limited knowledge of “modern science,”
claiming it “proves” that which you
wish to believe.

This Force, the very life energy of God,
is not diminished by our disbelief or
erroneous thinking. The Creator is,
the Creator always will be… for all eternity.
The Creator continues to multiply. Amen.

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5 Responses to One with Nature

  1. J.D.F says:

    I love this poem – though I think learned men and women of science are aware of the spark of the Universe – just some see it in different lights, call it by different names. I, myself, call it the Divine – but I also believe there is divinity in science as well – since all things are one and all things created by the Divine. 🙂 With that said – hubris can be found in all walks of life, and we should all stay far from it.

    All that aside, I wanted to say this to you – the sentiment of this work is deeply appreciated, movingly beautiful, and the words felt deeply. Thank you so very much. I will be coming back to read more.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Well spoken. I had a long career in medicine and science so agree with you that there are people in the light everywhere as are there those in the dark. Thanks for your visit and wise words.


  2. varungenius says:

    Do not wave your diplomas and chant
    the limited knowledge of “modern science,”
    claiming it “proves” that which you
    wish to believe.

    wonderful lines…..Your post tells exactly what today’s human is like! Ignorant, diplomatic, pretending to know everything, naive, foolish, sleeping!!
    Nice post!! 🙂


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Yes, you describe those who are not yet awakened, but there are millions across the globe who are awakened and are remembering our connection with our Creator. Amen to that! hugs, pat


  3. Your penultimate Stanza is timely. My father was one who erred on the side of science and then at the end of life realised perhaps, there was more than this.
    Nice post Pat.


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