Where does our innocence go?
It seems to fade so quickly,
like a rare flower that opens
only for a few hours filling
the world with its sweet
fragrance, then it is gone
with only a memory of its
existence hanging like a
perfume in the air.

I want my innocence back,
when my skin was soft, my
breath sweet, my hair golden
instead of grey. No wonder
people quest for the fountain
of youth, for a time when our
innocence allowed us to see
only the beauty of our world
as sorrow, greed, and hate
had not yet entered our lives.

I believe we can return to our
purity, to the sweet time of
pure golden love, for in each
of us is the spark of our Creator,
waiting, waiting for the flame
of compassion to purify us once
again, and to return us to our
state of innocence and love.

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7 Responses to Innocence

  1. Hi Pat, such is the natrual order of things and I would not like to return to being a child. Innocence is taken from them from a very early age. Whereas, ours was a time of extended childhood lasting into our teens.

    Clebrate your grey hair, I do. It is the mark of wisdom. 😉


    • Pat Cegan says:

      No, I also would not like to return to childhood. These are wonderful years. But the poem is saying that we can return to our innocence where we are not affected by greed, hate, etc. I believe this is true and the Awakening is making this possible. When we learn to live in a state of Love, we do return to a state of innocence. It is a lovely gift. I hope my grey hair is a mark of wisdom rather than just passing time. lol Thanks for your comment and your presence here. I would not trade lives with anyone. Hugs, pat

      Here is another beautiful video that someone shared with me after they read this poem.


  2. Ahh the loss of innocence.


  3. Another lovely collection of thoughts, pat. … I believe the more self-aware we become our innocence can be reclaimed and take on more depth as we hold true to what is most meaningful to us and turn away from people and experiences that would harm us. As children we lose our innocence because we don’t have that ability. … I hope this makes sense. Be well … D 🙂


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Yes, Dorthy, I think you have explained just right our loss of innocence. I believe that we can regain it, too. It is part of the charm of being older when we finally learn how to see the world as a child again. Thank you for your lovely comment. Hugs, pat


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