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Why We Sing

Birds sing, so do we Sing in the shower Sing in the rain Sing your sadness away Sing your joy of being alive When we sing, we create energies of sound that soothe, bringing forth tones of manifesting life. Do … Continue reading

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Am I an Artist?

Can you look at me and say, “I am an artist, musician, dancer, photographer?” At what point does one be come an artist? Why must we earn a living with these endeavors to earn the right to be called and … Continue reading

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Know Your Worth

Old Biblical adage, “Don’t cast your pearls before the swine,” still holds true. Choose not friends who do not know your worth. Rather, be with those who help you to be the best you are. If you lead someone from … Continue reading

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Sacred Symbols

Triangles form six pointed stars, every where do we see the hand of God creating with precision and beauty. Flower of Life, spirals, Fibonacci numbers, the Golden Mean, circles within circles, patterns in nature reveal the Architect who manifests using … Continue reading

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A donkey does not think his bray is absurd, or a giraffe weep because his neck is too long. Why have I spent a lifetime wishing for a flat belly and firm thighs, not understanding that my softness is a … Continue reading

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Snippets from Source #2

If I told you that you were ugly or stupid, you would believe me, yet when I tell you that you are perfect and much beloved, you shake your head and whisper, “who me?” Yes, you!

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Salty Tear

I lick a salty tear from your cheek, hold you next to my beating heart, murmur loving words until you remember how precious you are.

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