The Game–5

Spiritual beings with a built-in
mortal power pack. Our keepers have
known about our ability to generate
concentrated bursts of usable energy
and have carefully trained and
conditioned us to seek it with
unrestrained regularly.

Subtly and not so subtly, we have been
fed mixed messages to confuse our
judgment and to further entice us to
produce this ever present energy. All
around us are messages that tell us we
can, we can’t. We should, we should not.

Sexual energy can be felt as an underlying
hum that builds as it is fed, ultimately
climaxing into a mighty gush of spasmodic
waves. Think how we have been enticed
with images of how we should look, act, and
feel in order to be more sexually desirable.
Advertisements, our clothes, movies
music, etc., are erotic. Cleverly our religions
and culture forbid sex except in the most rigid
circumstances, thus making it even more
enticing as the “forbidden fruit.”

What if…what if there is no such thing as sin.
Yes, I can hear you gasp and sputter. But
consider with me for a bit. Wikipedia says:
Sin is an act that violates a known moral rule
in a religion. I like that. Get rid of religion,
get rid of sin.

Some define it as breaking one of God’s laws.
I have been thinking about that one.
Does God really make laws? What if that
simply is not true. What if men make the laws
and not always for honorable reasons?

And, no, I am not saying that we should all
become murderers and thieves. But what if we
were able to listen to our inner guidance and
live by our own conscience? Last year nearly
40,000 new laws were enacted in the US! How
can that be? On top of the others. No wonder
the politicians do not know know what laws
are being passed!

Back to the issue of sin. How would you change
your life if you knew that God did not create
the idea of sin and that we are left to follow
our own inner guidance? And more miraculous,
what if there were no laws, no parental or
religious shoulds or should nots? No community
or peer pressure. We would all live by our own
values as we are being guided to do. How would
life look different?

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4 Responses to The Game–5

  1. psychevida says:

    I was having this discussion with my partner just the other day! It seems as if our choices and decisions are so regulated at this point, that we have become dependent on these dictates… Can we make the right choice on our own anymore?

    My view of God was changed once I realized that either there is a greater truth, a Universal truth in which God functions, OR his laws are all arbitrary. Made up on a whim, to tickle some fancy… I believe in a Divine, in a Creative Force of Love and Life… and I can’t believe that this being would make arbitrary rules (a very cruel trick!)… So I also believe in Universal truth, and it is this that I seek to understand in order to guide my own behaviors.


  2. Pat Cegan says:

    Barb, I agree that many do not listen to their inner guidance. But what if they did? How would our world change? If we are made by our Creator, and I believe we were, then there is a inner core of goodness within each of us. There is much talk about an awakening to who we really are. What if we are truly Beings of Light, co-creators with our Creator? Capable of unconditional love. Hugs, pat


  3. Barb says:

    Being Lutheran we learned Law and Gospel. Law being in the form of 10 commandments from the hand of God. So, yes, I think God makes laws (not the ones created by cities and states). And if there were no laws (not even in school, sports, households or cities…I think many people would take advantage of others. I agree living by inner guidance would be enlightening, but I believe the majority of folks have tuned out their inner voice.


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