To covet what another has
creates envy. We see someone who
has something we feel we lack,
a more beautiful body, expensive
car, house, a talent such as
singing, art, sporting prowess,
popularity, fame, fortune, power.
Ah, so many ways to feel envy.

If envy comes from a perception
of lack, how does one become free
of envy? There will always be those
who are “more” of something than us.
That is, until we see our own innate
gifts. Humpf! What gifts, you say.
I am poor, too fat-too thin, too this
or not enough of that. I certainly
was not given the “gift” she or he has.

To be free of envy, we start with
gratitude. Discover within and without
all the beauty that exists. Cast off your
self-condemnation and examine carefully
that core of goodness that is the essential
you. Be ever so grateful for the gifts
of life and for being uniquely you.
Carefully cultivate those aspects of you
that you like the most.

We need not compare ourselves to others. The
paradox of life is that we are all One, yet
each of us is unique. Be who you are at
your finest moments. You are Beloved.

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6 Responses to Emotions–Envy

  1. varungenius says:

    Very nice message you stated here….IF YOU WANT TO POSSESS SOMETHING, START WITH POSSESSION OF SELF..! One needs to explore his own SELF in order to possess something! Everyone is special, unique, different! We are many but ONE!
    superlike 🙂


  2. Yes Pat… we are indeed ALL ONE… beautiful words and so true as we battle those earthly emotions… Xx ( hugs) ~Sue


  3. davidtenn says:

    Love it, the grass is greener … and if you read a beauty magazine you will undoubtedly feel ugly ! Love David


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Yes, David, most all women feel they are not enough something. The messages come from every direction. Hopefully this will change as the awakening spreads. Hugs, pat


  4. fiveloaf says:

    our strength are someone elses weakness, vice versa.. nice one pat!


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