Sitting in the Moment

Every day I sit
in the silence of
the present moment.
I do not seek, ask
questions, complain.
I simply sit quietly
in reverend openness.

I breath in the
Spirit of God.
I breath out all
that does not serve
me. I return to the
deep inner peace,
that intimate sacred
connection with the Divine.

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4 Responses to Sitting in the Moment

  1. becca givens says:

    Absolutely divine … xoxoxo bb


  2. Wonderful advice… I try to do the same xxoo


  3. Pierre says:

    Beautiful picture! Where did you take it?


    • Pat Cegan says:

      It is a beautiful picture. Looks like a beach in Hawaii with the black sand. I did not take the picture. I found it on the Internet. Some of the pictures I use are mine, but this is s not. Hugs, pat


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