The Game–4

In order to believe there is a game
in play, one must be willing to give
up many false truths. Fear paralyzes most
and they stay stuck until the pain
becomes greater than the fear…but this
may not be in this lifetime.

All of these theories exist side-by-side
leaving us bewildered and seeking escape,
which is part of The Game, too. But
if you consider carefully, using
your inner guidance, you find the thread
of truth that, when followed, unravels
the puzzle woven in the veil of lies.

To find this thread, one must consider all
possibilities. If you judge too quickly,
the tread of truth remains hidden and you
stay lost in the quandary.

There are those who can help when we
ask, but there are many false prophets, too.
Discernment, one of the spiritual gifts
we can receive is vital. “Ask and ye shall receive.”

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One Response to The Game–4

  1. maryfollowsthelamb says:

    That’s a different way of looking at life, but so true!


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