The Game–Part 3

The process of dying creates
a powerful energy surge.
What if this energy could
be harvested and used?
How is it used, we wonder?
Our initial limited thinking
might concluded: light our homes,
run our TVs, refrigerator, computer,
run all forms of transportation.

However, more advanced thinking
might conclude that energy is
required to create. We know
universes are constantly expanding
and we have the potential to expand
as well. The Creator is infinitely
creating and recycling energy forms
which are holograms, yet paradoxically,
have the ability to expand into other
possibilities, making each a unique
experience for the Creator; as well
as for itself.

Going back to the idea that dying
creates a powerful energy surge,
emotions such as hate, jealously,
envy, fear, also create energy
surges. If those who want ultimate
control understood how to instigate
conflict, they could create ongoing
energy sources.

An interesting fable, you might say,
it would make a powerful science fiction
move, except it is too unbelievable.

Yet one can not help but be intrigued,
if one has the courage to explore this
unfolding story.

Are you still with me?


  1. Are you still with me? Sure , amazing journey of silent Emotions , you are a true inspiration to many including . love converting time into timeless happiness with Wisdom on your blog . you are a beautiful soul on earth and Beyond . love all.


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