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Good Manners

Did I remember to say, “Thank-you,” and “please,” sit up straight, practice good table manners, be thoughtful, kind, and generous? Good manners do not go out of style, for they show respect for the other person and for ourselves as … Continue reading

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Loving Me

Why can’t I love me? Who told me I was bad? Deep within in a knowing this in not true for I am of my Creator, capable of love so profound that it can fill the universes in just one … Continue reading

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War–Option Peace

S enseless                         W aiting T ragic                               A ct O ption           … Continue reading

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Be Kind to Me

Please be kind to me; I ask for so little, a smile, gentle word, heartfelt hug. Can you spare a dime, mister?

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Your Essence

Your skin has the bloom of innocence; your lips invite exploration, eyes beckon and promise. I want to merge with your essence becoming one with all that you are.

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Eating as a Spiritual Practice

Our relationship to food is highly reflective of our culture and our view of ourselves. How do we eat? What do we eat? How food is grown, harvested, prepared and served shows us the basic values of our society. Look … Continue reading

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Birthdays Celebrate Life

Thank you, Sara and Preeti for this clever and beautiful birthday video. I laughed and cried when I saw it and felt very loved! ********************* Today I celebrate my life on Earth. The gift of life must not be squandered. … Continue reading

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