Feet or Fashion

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Why ten fingers, ten toes?
Poor feet, so mistreated,
stuffed into shoes with no
room for our toes, heels so
high they cause years of
agony in our spines, hips
and feet. Why-o-why do we
mistreat ourselves for

How can we accept “fashions”
which mutilate our bodies?
Globs of paint on our faces,
embedded in our skin, holes
punched in every conceivable
space, starvation, breast
implants, toxic chemicals
on our hair, mutilation of
little girls’ feet, female
genital mutilation, what is
this insanity that keeps us
from loving the amazing
bodies that God gave us?

How can we declare some beautiful,
some ugly? What are we saying to
our Creator is; “You didn’t do
it right. Here, I’ll fix it for you.”
How arrogant is that? How cruel to
the person who is left filled
with self-hatred.

I say “no!” to spending more
money and to suffering through years
of torture trying to look like a
Photoshop model. Please love me
as I am. May the light of my joy,
peace and love be the only adornment
needed for you (and I) to see me
as beautiful.

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2 Responses to Feet or Fashion

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    True words for everyone, David. Thanks. hugs, pat


  2. davidtenn says:

    You are beautiful but if you read a beauty magazine you will see yourself as ugly. Know yourself as you are. It matters not what others think ! Love David


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