Family…the nucleus of the world.
How can we love people across the
globe when we can not get along
with our family? Let us look at
our values in the relationships
closest to us. Do we practice
compassion, patience, affection
with our family members? Do we
forgive and also ask for forgiveness?

Is integrity–I say, I do, a cornerstone
of our system of values? Unconditional
love is the practice and goal of all
actions we make, including those with
our family. Look closely at your
relationships with your family members
for they say a lot about where you are


A favorite quote of mine, which is by Ram Dass, said that if you want to know how spiritually evolved you are, spend a week with your family. 🙂

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5 Responses to Family

  1. Sacrilege of the Goddess says:

    Not everyone is blessed with a family that is healthy though, and there are times where one has to separate from them. Of course, after separation, the family that you go on to establish needs to have healthy relationships in it!


    • Pat Cegan says:

      It is true that we need not accept unacceptable behavior. Yet, we must do our part in creating healthy relationships in our family even when it seems the others are not able to yet. Thanks for your visit and comment. hugs, pat


  2. Kim Nelson says:

    I have learned my most valuable lessons, spiritual and personally evolutionary, from family relationships and interactions. Ram Dass knew of what he spoke!


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Yes, I do not need a week with my family. About an hour is all I need to see that I am still a spiritual infant wetting my diapers. 🙂 But I am working on it. hugs, pat


  3. says:

    love it. youve got it spot on! warmest wishes and happy new year. lonely m x


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