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House of the Divine

I am not lost, just traveling new highways leading to the destination of a world of peace and harmony. The paradox is that I am living in this destination now. Regardless of what is going on around me, within I … Continue reading

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Learning from Insects

The magic world of insects, which fills us with fear, offers fascinating forms, colors, and lifestyles that could teach and delight us if we were not so busy spraying them with chemtrails. Look at the chemtrails in the sky and … Continue reading

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Show, Not Tell

Show me with your actions, not by your words, that you honor my life, my very existence,  for each of us must live our truth, not just talk about it.

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Loving Hands

Loving hands guide, comfort create, share, care, and love. Reach out a hand to our brothers and sisters around the Earth, one person at a time.

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Pulse of the Divine

A whisper heard around the world. So powerful is truth that it can be heard across the globe. Wrapped in love, truth will prevail, for in the end, lies fall away leaving only the steady pulse of the Divine.

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Are We the Slaves?

Do we really have dominion over all other life on Earth? No other life form has self-awareness, spirituality, the ability to create, to use tools, therefore we are superior and have the right to enslave and abuse? Ask the Africans … Continue reading

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Feet or Fashion

Why ten fingers, ten toes? Poor feet, so mistreated, stuffed into shoes with no room for our toes, heels so high they cause years of agony in our spines, hips and feet. Why-o-why do we mistreat ourselves for “beauty?” How … Continue reading

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