Do You Hear?

This little jewel of a pool and waterfall is located in the floresta in back of my house here in central Brazil. There have been healings here and it is a place of very special energy. The water comes from a natural spring close-by; it is cold and delicious. There used to be many springs like this, but so many are polluted that one can not even swim in them. Such is the case of the natural springs of Florida where I grew up. Sad, but we can change this and we must. Act today. Join hands with others and take back our sacred spots.

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2 Responses to Do You Hear?

  1. Jack Viere says:

    So unbelievably not fair 😀
    No one wonder you can generate some permeating poetry;
    your inspiration must enable you to go deeper than the


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Jeez, Jack, are you still expecting life to be fair? Yes, this is a slice of Paradise where I live. But I have also carefully created a Space of Love with great attention to detail. Have you read “The Ringing Cedar Series?” It reaffirmed what I was already doing, i.e., creating any place I live into a place of beauty and peace. I have planted dozens of fruit and flowering trees, have a huge organic garden that supplies many families that would go without otherwise, and have feeding stations for the birds and animals of the floresta. It is a lot of work but the work is joyfully done. I am indeed blessed to have such a space and wake-up grateful for it each day. Thanks, as always, Dear Jack, for your faithful visits. hugs, pat


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