How important is it?

How important is it?
We rush from one activity
to another, never fully
participating in the moment,
frantic to finish so we can
start another. In the end,
we leave a trail of disappointment,
ours and others.

Life speeds by, gobbled up by
activities that seldom give
satisfaction, peace and love.
Ask yourself, “how important
is this in the total scheme of
my life? Will this help me
live a life that has meaning?”
Will it leave me feeling that
I have lived this day to its perfection?
Ask, “How important is it?”

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3 Responses to How important is it?

  1. jasonswartz says:

    My pleasure Pat…hugs back to you.


  2. jasonswartz says:

    The power of now…..where everything happens. =) Beautiful poem, and the cute picture is a poem in itself =)


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Hi, we often rush through life doing things that are based on the expectations of others, rather on choices about our own lives. Thanks for subscribing to Source of Inspiration, Jason. Hugs, pat


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