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Do You Hear?

This little jewel of a pool and waterfall is located in the floresta in back of my house here in central Brazil. There have been healings here and it is a place of very special energy. The water comes from … Continue reading

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Celestial Drum

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How important is it?

How important is it? We rush from one activity to another, never fully participating in the moment, frantic to finish so we can start another. In the end, we leave a trail of disappointment, ours and others. Life speeds by, … Continue reading

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A Pig’s Foot and a Banana

#12 The Children of Brazil — A Pig’s Foot and a Banana Be sure to read the next story on the children of Brazil located on the page, “In My Lifetime.”

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Give You

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The Love of a Flower

Yarrow stops bleeding and is known worldwide for this attribute. Did all cultures throughout the world discover this by a trial and error method or what it somehow universally made known? For a fascinating read about the world of plants, … Continue reading

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Smells of Love

Smells of love, my grandfather’s smell deeply encoded in my body memory: Old Spice aftershave, tobacco, the dog always at his side, sweat from the field, beer if Grandma wasn’t diligent. Ancient sweater meshing years of smells that I inhale … Continue reading

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