You Must Choose!

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6 Responses to You Must Choose!

  1. Timoteo says:

    Remaining in limbo for fear of making a decision is still a decision…anything that is not a yes is effectively a no.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Yes, I agree with you. And I expect that more problems arise out of indecision than come with “bad” decisions. Besides, since all of this are just lessons, even “bad” choices will teach us things if we are willing to look at what came out of the decision. Somehow, too, I find it easier to live with a “ba” decision that I made than one that is forced on me by in indecision. Thanks for your visit. Always happy when your come a callin’ !! Hugs, pat


  2. Pat Cegan says:

    “The limbo of indecision” sounds like the beginning of a poem to me. See what you can do with it. lol Pam, we must think. Our power literally is within our ability to think. All creation begins with a thought. All too often people allow their minds to be dulled and do not take the time to really consider how they want their lives to be. Nice to share a bit of a chat with you. Hugs, pat


  3. reading-stars says:

    To make that choice we have to contemplate all reasons and possibilities and therefore gain insight in to other peoples’s choices and decisions.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      You are right that we must give careful thought to our choices: observe, contemplate, go within for our inner guidance, then choose. To not choose is the decision to let others decide for us. Thank you for your comment and your presence here. Hugs, pat


      • reading-stars says:

        peoples’s haha … I think very plural. I like how your posts make us think. That limbo of indecision is a very difficult place to be in. Be happy. Pam 🙂


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