The Reed

Plucked from the water’s edge,
hollowed reed becomes a child’s
delight. Imagination creates a
magic flute, then breathing air
through its narrow confines, the
child becomes a submarine, hidden
in the mysterious depths of the
ocean; now a baton, the reed conducts
vast symphonies, music that heals and delights.

So it is with us. We are a simple hollow reed,
standing at the water’s edge. Although
we may look like all the other reeds, we are
unique. As our Creator lovingly manifests
through and with us, we become a kaleidoscope
of creations. Our Creator made us a perfect
duplicate–we, too, are creators; it is a
wondrous gift. Use it wisely, with loving
care. Each of us at our inner most
core is of the Divine: limitless,
pure love energy.

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