Spinning Top

Spinning tops, whirling dervishes,
turn, turn, turn until we collapse
with laughter and dizziness. I wonder
what it is that fascinates us about

The universes spin in vast spirals,
our beautiful Earth revolves
with certainty. But does it? Predictions
say that soon the Earth will reverse its
turning path and assume the clockwise
feminine energy. What changes will we see?
As even the electrons in our bodies spin, will
they, too, reverse their path? Are the many 2012
prophesies true, or just man’s desire for drama?

Quantum physics tells us that our
thoughts have power to manifest.
This is old knowledge. If millions
of people are focusing on the awakening
of man to his power, his ability to
create new realities with his thoughts,
what possibilities arise?

Day turning to night,
winter to spring, a
time for renewal, new
beginnings. The top
spins in whirls of color,
vibrating its song of
change. Prepare yourself.
Do not be afraid for all
is within the plan of
our Creator. All is as
it should be. Amen.

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