Lasting Change

Though an oxymoron,
lasting change describes
well our world. Why
do we resist change
when it is a constant?

Understanding that all we
experience are lessons for
us to grow. Without change
we would stay stuck–so,
ironically, change is like
graduation! Embrace your
changes, see them as stepping
stones to your evolution. Keep
asking, what are the lessons
here? Each situation has lessons
for all involved.

Everlasting change,
the spiral of growth,
of life. And so it is.

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4 Responses to Lasting Change

  1. davidtenn says:

    What a lovely pome!
    I am at odds with those who imagine that the Cosmos and its Creator are perfect!
    In a perfect Universe there would be no room for growth and everything would be stuck and stale.
    Similarly I believe that God is in the same state as us all, together will all of His Creations, in a state of becoming, ever recreating ourselves into ever more beautiful and energetic beings.


  2. If you don’t like change, soon you will find how much you like irrelevance (said someone).


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