Bath of Light

I wash you in a Bath of Light,
cleansing all illness, negative thoughts,
dark energies. This shower of golden
light erases karma, compulsion, jealousy,
greed, and fear.

It matters not if I am at your side,
or far away. I fill my winged globe,
and send it soaring to you with my
intentions, my desire for your healing,
your transformation, your awakening. I
I kiss your soul, and breathe my breath
of love into you. You are my brother,
my sister. We are One in the power
of our Creator, who is eternal pure
love energy. And so it is, amen.


This prayer of healing is for all of us as we all have aspects of ourselves that need to heal and to awaken. But I dedicate this prayer to two dear ones in my life. First is Josele, who is in a coma from a head injury received in an auto accident more than 40 days ago. The other is Dana, a special soul who needs our prayers of healing. I ask all who read these words to send a Bath of Light to Josele and Dana. And thank-you for your willingness to do so.


submitted to Thrusday’s Poet Rally

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11 Responses to Bath of Light

  1. Thank you for such a beautiful prayer and blessing. I needed that.


  2. intelligent message..



  3. Leonargo says:

    Truly beautiful and tranquil, thank you.


  4. Awesome, Pat! I love it and pray it with you!

    I think you’ve seen this one, but there is a sequel (link at the end):


  5. Mandy Calvin says:

    A very pretty Poem


  6. love the power of prayers in healing..

    well done.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Time and again I have witnessed the miracles of spiritual healing. There is much to learn in this area. We have great ability to channel healing energy through our prayers and intention. Thanks for your visit and comment. Hugs, pat


  7. davidtenn says:

    Bathing you in Golden Light and thank you from heart to heart.


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