Wax and Wane

The rhythms of our bodies,
of our lives, wax and wane.
Sometimes we are filled
with illumination, a beacon
in the dark. Other times
our light wanes as we go
within to restore, and
allow ourselves to recoup
from the demands of life.

We must honor our cycles.
Note that all of creation
waxes and wanes. Recognize
where you are in your cycle,
and be there with awareness,
working with nature,
not against her.

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2 Responses to Wax and Wane

  1. Thank you….I needed that reminder tonight…


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Glad it help. I tend to think I am SuperWoman so this was a good reminder to me, too. I catch myself saying, “What`s wrong, I am so tired.” Then I remember that I am 67 and have a life that would daunt a 20 year old. I laugh and then go lie in the hammock and listen to the birds. Thanks for your visit. Hugs, pat


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