Where Do We Go?

Where do we go when we leave
this three dimensional reality:
sleep, meditation, dementia, coma?
We talk of other realities, different
dimensions, out of body travel,
but what are these experiences,
just chemical reactions in nerve
synapses, or is there a mystical
beyond? Just imagination, “All
else is superstition,” declare
“modern thinkers,” or “or just
plain craziness,” declare others.

But what if…..? Ancient knowledge
is coming to light now, people are
experiencing an awakening to other
realities. Do not be quick to
dismiss these experiences–yours,
or theirs.

What does it mean when people say,
“Life is an illusion?” How can
all we experience here on Earth
not be real? What does “real” mean?
So many questions, that I sigh
in frustration. There are mysteries
in this life, and one can experience
the mystical. To do so, one must
be open to the possibility. This
world is changing, time is moving
faster, the awakening is in full
progress. All is as it should be.

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9 Responses to Where Do We Go?

  1. you have gone to an advanced level of poetry/comprehension of life.

    superb entry.


  2. This (i feel) is what Jesus tried to hard to teach, that we are made of the creator and we can go back to the creator too, if we can learn the way. But, our minds and bodies have been so conditioned into the way we must perceive this world. This is why young babies giggle at seemingly nothing, up until they reach 2 or 3 years old they watch invisible things happening and their concentration is focused. They ‘see’ everything so differently to adults until we teach ‘condition’ them to see the world, as adults, that we see ourselves.
    Loved both your post and the replies, too.


  3. davidtenn says:

    The beauty of Quantum is surely that we can influence by just our expectation. But what is expectation except imagination? Any image that I imagine or dream creates itself a new reality where I exist but I am not the me that writes this. I Am the Divine creation in the image of my Creator, of which i Am a part and which fills by being and my reality and my reality and my reality infinitely.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      More and more I understand about creating our realities. The other concept that is becoming so clear to me is that we, as co-creators with our Creator, can and Must learn to co-create by stepping outside of ourselves while at the same time, allowing the Creator to manifest through us. Using our words, bodies, talents, etc., the Creator manifests, creates through us. When I am conscious of this happening, which I am more and more, it is awe inspiring. We can call this into being with our intention at any moment; we do not need to be meditating, praying, etc. for it to happen. It has always happened, of course, but we were unaware of it. Now we can consciously participate and what a joy and blessing we receive when we do this. Hugs, pat


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Thanks for your comments. I had a fascinating conversation last week with a psychiatrist (who is also a Spiritist) who is studying the mental illnesses of indigenous tribes in Brazil. As they have a shamanic ideology, he must consider this in his approach. He said that he felt that we must learn to communicate with children from infant to three years old in ways we have not yet discovered. I would add that this communication can began in the womb. Lots of opportunity to learn in this idea. Hugs, pat


  4. davidtenn says:

    Yes, yes exactly, well done Pat


  5. Pat Cegan says:

    Ah, I can always count on you! Now if I may quote a poem I wrote today:

    So, when I get to this point, I just go
    outside and play in my sandbox and pee in
    the dirt and let the philosophers figure
    it out. Life gets simple when I let it.
    Wanna’ piece of bubble gum?

    LOL, I always look forward to your comments! Hugs, pat


  6. Timoteo says:

    I would say that perception is reality, because it’s all we have. The observer effect in Quantum Theory implies that reality does not exist in the absence of an observer. For there to be observation, there must be a consciousness doing the observing. This in turn implies that all phenomena/reality stems from the mind of the Creator. (Things do not exist just in and of themselves.) We could think of it as we exist only as part and parcel of the Creator’s dream. When we as individuals have a dream, who is the “I” who is moving about and having experiences in the dream? Most would say the “I” in our dream is a creation of our imagination. Similarly,
    the” I” in the Creator’s dream may be…ME! (A product of Source’s imagination.) It’s all pretty intriguing, I think. .

    Now on to the BIG questions…like what should I have for dinner tonight?


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