Mother Hen and Chick

Little chick stays close by Mother Hen.
He darts out to grab a peck, then
darts back to the safety of her wings.
Peck and run, peck and run, peck and run.
He experiences life in tiny bits;
his world lies within
the shadow of his mother.

The world is enormous, limitless,
open for all to explore, but we
build fences, put up walls, live in
fear, create wars and pecking orders.
We have not the courage and faith
to go beyond our narrow existence;
our minds remain closed, locked with
prejudice and fear, a little chick
living a peck and run life.


submitted to Poets United

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4 Responses to Mother Hen and Chick

  1. Kim Nelson says:

    The analogy is brilliant! You offered up an original perspective, and the message it conveys is powerful, honest, simple. Nicely done.


  2. Pat Cegan says:

    Your comments make me smile. I will pass your appreciation to the Author of the poem. Come again soon, I look forward to your visits. Hugs, pat


  3. Timoteo says:

    I like the way you go right to the nub of things, like an arrow aimed at the bulls eye of truth. And the metaphor here is so appropriate! (As I peck away at my keyboard.)


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