Secret Sanctuaries

There are unmarked places on Earth
that are secret sanctuaries,
no, not the great pyramids,
or carefully aligned standing stones.
These sacred portals are known only
to those who are prepared to enter the
worlds that lie beyond.

How do we find them? you ask.
What treasures do they hold?
The secret sanctuaries reveal
themselves to us when it
is our time to enter
and partake of the Divine
which dwells therein.

To be called, one must embrace
the Light and make an unretractable
commitment to serve. The sanctuary
welcomes all, one does not have to
be rich or clever; in fact, it is the
humble, those who know the value
of Love, who pass these portals.
You, too, are welcome. The choice
is for each of us.

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4 Responses to Secret Sanctuaries

  1. very beautiful poem and very interesting from kevin


  2. Blessed are those moments
    Rich and rare
    When the masks are gone
    And the soul is bare
    And we walk in grace
    To the secret lake
    To fill our palms
    Our thirst to slake.


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