The rock on the ground looks like all others.
Inside is a unique treasure.
Who would suspect such dazzling beauty?
The rock on the ground looks like all others.
Inside each of us lie gifts to be found.
Open the door of possibilities with love.
The rock on the ground looks like all others.
Inside is a unique treasure.

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2 Responses to Geodes

  1. Bhaga says:

    I keep reading and appreciating all your posts… but this one I must comment on!
    When I was perhaps 9 years old, during one of our visits to France our parents took us to Central France, which has very old mountains and geological treasures. I knew already and loved the normal amethysts and other gems the way you see them on rings and bracelets, ear pendants and necklaces, etc. But one day my father took me to a street in that town where there was a special shop he wanted me to see. In the big glass window there were seemingly ordinary rocks… and then next to those rocks were similar rocks, but opened up: inside the rocks were hollow, and in those small caves there sparkled an amazing curved wall covered with amethysts, or rather made of amethysts. I still remember gasping and then gaping in awe and utter wonder at that marvelous, somehow magical sight. Geodes still are one of my most loved things in Nature, along with stars: they are the small stars hidden in the earth itself!…
    As I grew up and, the comparison with our divine secret nature became obvious of course.
    A special thank you for this post, which brought back this memory!


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Hi, nice to hear from you again. You always write the most interesting replies. I, too, have always been fascinated by geodes and love the metaphors they represent. Thank you, too, for your charming story of that special day with your dad. He must be very special to take a little girl to see this lovely gift of nature. Hugs, pat


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