Being Me

How do we know when we’re crazy
in a world that seems insane?
Perhaps insanity is another
way–a different way–of relating,
or a way of not relating, to this world.
Why do we label people “sick” or
“handicapped” if they act out of the norm?
Is our norm, filled with intolerance,
hate, drugs, rape, war, etc., better?

Let me laugh “inappropriately.”
If you do not hear or see the joke,
perhaps the problem is yours. Don’t
tell me not to talk to those you
can not hear, or expect me to
remember things you think are important
for they have little value to me.

Let me be who God made me,
not some cookie cutter Barbie,
rather a person who looks
behind mushrooms for unicorns
and fairies, who walks backwards
on a busy sidewalk, a person who
laughs while crying like rain
on a sunny day. Please, just
let me be me!


submitted to Poets United

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5 Responses to Being Me

  1. Pat says:

    I am so enjoying your poems this afternoon for sure!! 🙂 🙂


  2. Joel Hall says:

    There are few things that upset “normal people” so completely as someone that not only revels in their own uniqueness, but does so with seeming disregard to the obvious wisdom inherent in conformance. 🙂


  3. Timoteo says:

    How poignant. Everything is relative to a “norm” that has been established by the majority, but it is clear that the majority can be the ones who are screwed up. I am reminded of that every time an election is held and find out who we are stuck with!


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