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Rising Feminine Energy

Cosmic cycles are no accident. God’s clock is perfect. The feminine energy is rising in women and in men, bringing forth an unprecedented time of harmony, peace, sharing, and love, as we awaken to the knowing that We Are One. … Continue reading

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The Reed

Plucked from the water’s edge, hollowed reed becomes a child’s delight. Imagination creates a magic flute, then breathing air through its narrow confines, the child becomes a submarine, hidden in the mysterious depths of the ocean; now a baton, the … Continue reading

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Spinning Top

Spinning tops, whirling dervishes, turn, turn, turn until we collapse with laughter and dizziness. I wonder what it is that fascinates us about spinning? The universes spin in vast spirals, our beautiful Earth revolves with certainty. But does it? Predictions … Continue reading

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Jelly Beans

Where is tomorrow? I wait and it never comes. Life is a series of todays. If I wait for tomorrow, my life ceases to exist. What is today but a series of moments, each to be savored like tiny, multi-flavored … Continue reading

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Sword and Javelin

So great is the power our Creator gives us that it shatters the sword and javelin with just its presence. The Spirit Lion Roars. Do not accept a lesser idea of who you are. You are a creator… co-creator with … Continue reading

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We’re late, we’re late, we must hurry! Hurry, scurry, worry, never stopping, multi-tasking, rushing here, rushing there. Stop! Simply Stop!! Take a deep breath, Let it out Slowly…. Do one thing at a time with loving care. What you don’t … Continue reading

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Bath of Light

I wash you in a Bath of Light, cleansing all illness, negative thoughts, dark energies. This shower of golden light erases karma, compulsion, jealousy, greed, and fear. It matters not if I am at your side, or far away. I … Continue reading

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