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Live by Dying

I am walking toward my death. The path of dying teaches me about living. Choosing to die gives me total control of living. There is a peace that comes with the choice to die; another paradox of life. There is … Continue reading

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One Point of Light

Each soul can be a Point of Light in a web spreading across the world, banishing darkness forever, transforming it into Holy Light. No matter what darkness surrounds you or lurks within, waiting for a careless moment, a point of … Continue reading

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Life in Color–Purple

Seventh chakra color connecting us to universal Pure Love Energy. Surround yourself with purple, calling for its calming, magic force. This color of Thursday is royal; it is the color of creativity–that which connects us to the Divine. The purple … Continue reading

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Yin and Yang, two is the feminine Eve energy. This number leads us out of indecision, insisting we make a choice–the number of duality–right/wrong, good/bad dark/light, opposite/same. Moon rules number two, bringing forth kindness, balance, quiet power of planning using … Continue reading

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Wise Words

Dangle a carrot Lure into a trap Beware of those who would trick you with sweet words, false promises, or fear. Step as cautiously as a doe in the floresta; nose twitching, ears turning, she radars the area before taking … Continue reading

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Tattle Tales by Granny #11

Granny on the Pump “Pumpin’ a cup of cool water on a hot summer day is just about the finest thing a gal can do. Makes me grateful every time I do it!” Granny did not have much in terms … Continue reading

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Holding the Sun

I hold the sun in my hand. I am not God, but I am of God. The sun is God; I am a sunbeam. The thunder and lightning of the storm is God; I am a raindrop. The crashing waves … Continue reading

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