Prophesy #5–The Sprout

Expanded frequencies of light
pulsate through us now
creating sound waves we can
not yet hear.

Crop circles interact and generate energies
to help mankind adjust to increasing levels
of energy. They are more than fascinating
tricks; crop circles are producing new
dimensional frequencies allowing them
to interact with sacred sites and ley lines,
which become multidimensional fluid
lines of light. A light consciousness
is evolving across the planet.

As we go through this birth into
new consciousness, we are being
guided from one world to the next,
opening our perceptions, bringing
us into alignment with ancient truths.
Do you feel these changes? Do you question
those ideas that were established “truths?”
Have your sleep patterns changed?
Do you lose tracts of time?

Each of us has our own way of experiencing
our awakening. Each will reach a moment
when we know something irrevocable has
changed within our sacred space,
a sprout is emerging, pushing through to
transform our very being.
You are you, but you are not the same,
nor will you ever be,
nor will you want to be!
Amen to that!

Stephen Hewitt is the artist who rendered this spectacular mandala. To see more of Stephen’s beautiful mandala designs, visit him at:



submitted to Monday Potluck Poetry

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10 Responses to Prophesy #5–The Sprout

  1. Interesting and well written!


  2. Kay Salady says:

    Beautiful perspective! Thank you!


  3. Yes, it’s happening and nothing anyone can do to stop it, I just hope some of us are ready. I would love to be a part of it and know what happens next. Fascinating, both the thoughts and your prose.


  4. Catie Eliza says:

    A light and springy exploration of reality and truth with depth… come on!! :] xx


  5. ALIVE aLwaYz says:

    Change is part of life, a transformation is inevitable if one is living.
    Such an eye opener this piece has been, I wonder how much have I changed.
    “you are you, but you are not the same”, a catchy line, gotta love the line 🙂


  6. Renee Espriu says:

    Simply inspriing and beautiful. Wonderful post!


  7. Anonymous says:

    Pat, Indeed there is an awakening taking place.Glad to be a witness and part of this incredible experience. Thank you for your great post.


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