Tattle Tales by Granny #11

Granny on the Pump

“Pumpin’ a cup of cool water on a hot summer day is just about the finest thing a gal can do. Makes me grateful every time I do it!” Granny did not have much in terms of material things, but she was grateful for the little things that make life rich.

Granny on Swings

“Now, a young’un ought to have a swing. Never was a kid who didn’t love to swing–the higher the better! Being a little afraid sometimes is a good thing. Makes ya’ pay more attention to yer life!

Granny on the Mule
Granny would stack the kids on the bare back of the mule, plop her hat on her head, and walk to town. “Now, you young’uns settle down.Don’t go kickin’ this here mule so he’ll run. I ain’t gonna’ go gallopin’ after you all in this heat!” But, of course, my mom and her siblings did just that–kicked the mule who galloped away, often leaving a child in a heap on the road, while the rest of the kids would scream with fear and delight!

Granny on Swearing
“Now, you young’uns don’t go swearin’ in front of the preacher or yer teacher. A little swearing once in awhile never hurt nobody, but ya’ gotta’ use some sense about it!”

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3 Responses to Tattle Tales by Granny #11

  1. Renee Espriu says:

    I love this, Pat, and in need of a bit of humor. My own grandmother had so many ‘sayings’ we learned while growing up and I so loved them…and her. It must be a grandma thing!


  2. Pat Cegan says:

    My maternal grandmother, whose picture you see here, was called “Queenie” by everybody. My grandfather’s name was McQuien, thus my grandmother’s nickname which stayed with her through her seven marriages! And, yes, you do see a twinkle in her eyes…that is they way she was…full of fun and mischief. She was very childlike…to the point of “irresponsibility” they say, although any woman who raised five kids can not be very irresponsible, in my book. Still, being with her was an adventure. Hugs, pat


  3. becca givens says:

    Is this a photo of your grandmother? Her eyes twinkle … 😀


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