Is the first number zero,
or number one? Does zero
exist or is it only a figment
of imagination? Can I be
zero–empty, waiting
to be filled?

I have thrown out all that
is extraneous in my life;
what remains is my true essence.
I am not the clothes I wear,
the car I drive, the work I do,
another’s opinion of me, a
mother, daughter, sister, wife,
friend, neighbor, so what or who
am I? Am I a zero waiting
to become number one?

I am the circle of zero,
complete piece of the
hologram, a circle with
no beginning or end.
Inside this circle there
is Light, pulsing outward.
It is the steady, true
beat of Love.


Submitted to Monday Potluck Poetry

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6 Responses to Numbers–O

  1. Wonderful piece 🙂


  2. Jingle says:

    you are divine,
    love this piece, superb intelligence involved.



    • Pat Cegan says:

      Well, Jingle, the Source of these poems is indeed Divine Supreme Intelligence. Thank your for your visit and lovely complement. I will pass it to our Creator who pushes my pen across the paper each morning. Hugs, pat


  3. Andy says:

    …and the true essence is that of someone beautiful, for indeed you are, Pat.

    Lovely, insightful piece.

    Thanks as always for your very kind comments at my blog. I appreciate your visits immensely.
    Have a great week ahead, Pat!


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Hi, Andy,
      Visiting your blog is always a treat. I love finding your notes on my comment sections, too. And all of my weeks are great! Hope yours are, too. Hugs, pat


  4. booguloo says:

    This is a great piece.


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