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Rainforest News #143

Lost Can’t find Glasses, phone, keys I just had them Now they’re gone Here they are In my Hand! ********************** Sore throat, can’t speak Silence is the best cure For more than my throat! ********************* Give everything away But keep … Continue reading

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Faded Memories Need Not Be!

A little girl asks, “Mommy, who is this lady? “Oh, I don’t know; these are just some old pictures!” (Faded Memory, by Pat) “But no, Mommy, I know this lady! It’s me when I wasn’t yet this me, But was … Continue reading

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“G” is for…

“G” is for gratitude Counting bad as well as good All helps us to grow. “G” is for giving The gift is for the giver Make every day Christmas! “G” must be for God Creator of everything Pure Love Energy! … Continue reading

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Happy Tappy!

ZAP-MP3 When I heard this wonderfully happy music created and played by Sara, from Music From the Heart, I had to grab a pen and jot down what I was feeling. Please feel free to download this file for your … Continue reading

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Rainforest News #142

Three wishes in a bottle Although I only need one I wish for more wishes! ************** I leave no journals. No books will I write. It’s not because I did not learn, but rather, each must discover on their own. … Continue reading

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Rollercoaster Going up Up, up, up Then swooping down, down With lightening speed you go! You scream, you cry, you laugh! Then you climb up again Anticipating the next fall Down you go Again, up Life!

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Faded Memory

I died today. Many cried at my funeral. A week later, someone put fresh flowers on my grave. My best friends and some of my family marked the anniversary of my death. Five years go by, and I am a … Continue reading

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