The Messenger

I turn and there she is,
lying where I had been working
only moments before. Her diamond-back
glistening in the sun,
her tongue stabbing the air;
she watches me with languid eyes.

She is a young snake,
hardly four feet long
with only four rattles to
mark her age. I watch
her with fascination,
knowing she understood
I am no threat to her,
nor she to me.

“Do you have a message for me?”
I silently ask. Visions of
iridescent green snakes
sliding, withering, twisting
explode in my inner vision.
My protectors and teachers
appear as the snake nearby
gives me the message. I nod
my thanks and she begins her
sensous undulation back
into the floresta leaving
me grateful to know that I
am still protected, and
all is as it should be.

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2 Responses to The Messenger

  1. Bhaga says:

    Congratulations for reacting in such a true way to the scary Messenger, thus becoming able to receive the Message… Not everybody could have done that!!! That’s the Gift of your previous piece of Wisdom, ‘Be in Prayer’…
    I for one am so glad you are still here with us!


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Oh, I think the good Lord is not going to let me leave His work any time soon. Since I live on a game preservation, where we are the guests and the animals are our hosts, I have learned to adapt to their ways. But I believe that the animals know that I do them no harm, in fact, guard them, plant fruits in the quintal and jungle that they like, etc. Our fear often blocks their communication with us. That and the fact most people do not believe they can “talk” with animals so never try. Thanks for your visit, always glad to see your comments which are loving in interesting. Hugs, pat


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