Rainforest News #144

Pancakes look so good
Eat with syrup and delight
But mine sit like rocks!


Say “please” and “thank-you”
Use good manners every day
Our mothers were right!


Are you romantic?
Chivalry need not be dead.
Love in little ways.

Quote of the Day
“Any child awakens in me two feelings: tenderness by what she is, and respect for what she is be able to turn out to be.” Louis Pasteur

Pat’s Ponderings

Has honor become outdated, integrity a quaint idea? Could King Arthur find 12 noble knights today? Could you sit at the Round Table?


Children’s Wisdom

My little brother said my glasses make me look goofy. I sat on him to make him take it back. He screamed for Mommy. She shook her head and said, “Please don’t let this be another boy!”

My Grandmother had six boys. She deserves sainthood in my book. 🙂

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4 Responses to Rainforest News #144

  1. wordcoaster says:

    I really like the chivalry haiku 🙂


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Thanks. I loved the picture, too. In my youth, I was a valient a feminist as I could be, but still always loved the chivalry, especially growing up the south of USA. I think we burned something important along with our bras. I still love a man opening the car door for me and showing me in little loving ways that he appreciates me as a woman. Hugs, pat


      • wordcoaster says:

        I never understood people who got offended by chivalrous acts–I’m not insulting your strength by opening the door for you, I’m opening the door as a way to honor you. Where in the south did you grow up?


      • Pat Cegan says:

        I never understood the whole thing either. I grew up in Florida and in that time, men stood up if a woman entered the room, opened doors for us, never swore in front of us, etc. It was lovely. How confusing the whole feminist movement was for me. Except where my work was concerned. I always had jobs that only men had and never earned equal salaries. That I did not agree with. Still, I miss the courtesies extended to women in those times and am happy when I receive them today. Of course, now I get them because of my age…which is nice, too. Thanks! pat


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