Healing Words

Some words have the magic
to heal: “I ‘m sorry, please
forgive me, I love you,” are
the salve to heal all wounds.
Apply them regularly with
sincerity and a big hug!

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5 Responses to Healing Words

  1. This is so true, Pat. Words of kindness are not only free of charge, but they are real currency in our world. Politeness, the willingness to admit when you are at fault, and expressions of love are all signs of a healthy, balanced adult.

    And then there’s me… ha ha ha Amy


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Ah, Amy, your comment shows me that you understand the beauty and power of words of love. Thanks for stopping by. I am off to visit you now. Hugs, pat


  2. Bhaga says:

    I would only add ‘Thank you…’ to those truly magic words indeed – all expressions of love somehow.
    So… Thank you for saying it all…!


  3. Fiducia says:

    Definitely!! Well said, a true blessing, and wonderful feelings…


  4. Becca Givens says:

    ahhh, a favorite!!! 😀


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