Please enjoy this new composition by Sara from Music by the Heart. As I listened to her play her fabulous keyboard, this poem arrived and I hope you enjoy it. You may download this MP3 file for your enjoyment and to share with friends as well as any of the other beautiful compositions on Sara’s blog. Should you wish to use any of the pieces for commercial purposes, please contact Sara at:


Today I walked in the floresta
thinking what a blessing
my life is. How is it
that I have such peace and
contentment that I never
knew as a young person?

I stop to watch the
sunbeams filtering through
leaves spot-lighting
tiny mushrooms clustered
next to a tree much
older and wiser than I.

When did I learn to be grateful?
I see blessings everywhere I turn:
a cricket chirping, bees humming
melodies filled with sweet love,
a single dew drip lingering
to reflect God’s grace in
all that surrounds me.

I am blessed and in knowing,
I offer this blessing to all:

May you be filled with
the Light of God’s Love.
May your sweetest wishes
come true. Most of all,
may your life be filled
with blessings so
abundant that you pass them on
to others as I am
doing for you.

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8 Responses to Blessings

  1. Beautiful, the music and prose, peaceful and full of lifes blessings. Thank you for yours and may God continue to Bless you.


  2. billo says:

    thank you Pat, I so enjoyed the blessings. I am sending you love and light too with ooooooooodles of blessings and lots of love and many hugs:-))))))))))))))


  3. Becca Givens says:

    As I bid you good night, this leaves the portal open for dreamy dreams of love, blessings and gratitude! xoxoxo bb


  4. Immensely beautiful.
    Thank you Pat!


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